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How to Join

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1. Complete an application form


You made a great choice!  Welcome to the world of organized public veterinary practice advocacy. Our goals are to help you achieve your goals and that of your agency in the most successful, stress free manner possible.
2. Decide on how to pay your dues.


With a simple payroll deduction of just $10 per pay period (for regular members) you won’t miss a payment and likely forget you ever were paying it. I know I did.  That is until you get our emails, newsletter, timely articles, networking opportunities, Facebook posts and use of our closed Facebook group to feel part of the community of professionals just like you. And just making work fun.    Payment  options  now  appear  within  the  application  for  membership  so  please  follow  the  links  in  the  application.


3. Kick back with a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and enjoy that feeling of belonging


Become  an  active  member,  help  on  a  committee  or  organize  a  chapter  meeting  in  your  work  area.    Log  into  the  NAFV  website  to  see  past  webinar  presentation  and  network  with  your  fellow  members in  almost  all  federal  Departments  and  Agencies (and now state counterparts as well!) either in  person,  or   on  line.    Welcome  home!
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